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Personal Branding - Nelson Emilio

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26. March 2019, Hotel Xenon Belgrade!

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About the training

Everyone has a personal brand, but most people are not aware of it and do not manage it strategically, consistently and effectively. As a role model in an organisation, you need to take ownership of your own brand, leave a positive imprint so you can influence others and manage the way they perceive you.

By working on your personal brand in an authentic way, your strongest characteristics, attributes, and values, you can differentiate from the crowd, become more influential and deliver unique value for companies' investors, customers and employees.

Key Learning Outcomes:

Understand how the ones who interact with you perceive you and how to use that in your favour;

Clarify what makes you a unique role model;

Build and implement a distinctive, and compelling Personal Brand;

Learn how to build trust and how you influence teams, customers and investors;

Learn to position yourself effectively inside and outside the organisation you work for;

Develop a plan to build credibility and a solid reputation.

Benefits for the participants

This workshop is an interactive, practical, high-impact and results-driven experience that challenges managers at all levels to build, clarify and show their personal brand inside and outside the organisation they work for in order to be more successful in everything they do.

By embracing personal branding as a mindset, participants can achieve more on their job and ultimately bring greater career satisfaction and advancement and, at the same time, drive their teams and company to better results by leading, engaging, and influencing in a more positive and efficient manner.

*Before the training, all participants need to perform several activities, namely:
  • 360 Feedback of their Personal Brand
  • Personality traits assessment
  • Emotional Intelligence assessment
  • Communication style assessment

About the trainer

Nelson Emilio

Personal branding strategist, speaker and trainer with more than 24 years of experience, most of them in the corporate world in multinational companies. Today, as a speaker, strategist, and consultant, he provides individuals and their companies the input they need to create a trust-based and high-impact communication.

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See you on 26th of March 2019 in Belgrade.

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